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Technical Information for holds


We offer holds in two different materials polyurethane (PU) and polyester (PE).

PU holds are light-weight, strong and impact resistant.

PU holds won´t chip easily or break when tightened to the wall.

All of our holds are available in PU.


PE holds are cheaper and offer ultimate wear resistance.

PE holds also have good UV stability and thus they are ideal for outdoor walls.

We offer a selection of our shapes in PE.

Shapes & Surfaces

Taj Climbing holds are shaped for climbing with minimalistic Saudian design.

The shapes are hand friendly and surface is grippy yet easy on the skin.

ِAll Holds are tested for durability and evaluated before shipping to the customer to ensure that it is free from any manufacturing defects and is safe for use.


All our bolt-on holds are equipped with dual bolt inserts that accept both cap-head and countersunk bolts.

Bolt inserts are stainless steel which hold up with the demands of chemical washing.

Most of the bolt-on holds also include an additional screw hole to prevent spinning.

All screw holes are reinforced with metal washers.

User Safety

All our PE (polyester) holds over size (Ø>5cm) are equipped with a safety coil. Should a hold accidentally break (most often during installation) only very small pieces will break off.

This greatly reduces the risk of injuries for Climbers.

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